Primary Care in Western Pennsylvania

Clearfield-Jefferson Primary Care Associates is an independent primary care medical practice, focusing on family medicine, pediatrics and women’s health. Our patient centered care is personalized, without overprescribing medications. We are interested in alternative therapies, which allows us to minimize the amount of medication we prescribe. We are always accepting new patients. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Medical Services:

Pediatric and Adolescent Care

We treat the full spectrum of new born, childhood, adolescent and young adult issues. Including well child checks, driver’s physicals, sports physicals, vaccinations, and every ache, pain, bump and bruise you can imagine!

Adult Medicine

We manage both acute and chronic conditions ranging from Asthma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and everything in between!

Geriatric Care

Our dedicated staff cares for patients not only in the office setting but also in the nursing home, personal care home, and personalized house calls in your home as well!

Women’s Health

We have several female providers that have focused on Women’s issues, including annual GYN checkups, breast feeding issues, menopause and everything else that comes along with being a woman!

Preventative Medicine

We offer a full line of vaccinations for both school and employment reasons, as well as international travel.


We have partnered with Pennsylvania State to be part of their Vaccine for Children’s program, allowing us to administer immunizations to kids without insurance or whose insurance doesn’t cover vaccines!

Annual Wellness Visits

We have a specially designed program to help maximize your benefit from this Medicare covered service, as well as keep you healthy!

Health Care Screenings

Want to be checked for diabetes or high cholesterol? Swing by any of our offices for a finger prick blood test!

Laboratory Testing

We offer full laboratory services in all our locations!

Pulmonary Function Test

Do you have a history of COPD, emphysema, asthma or another respiratory illness? We offer complete pulmonary function testing in all of our offices!

Holter Monitors

Are you having palpitations or a racing heart beat? We offer extended cardiac monitoring at all our offices, with our take home holter monitors, so you can catch that funny heart rhythm when it happens!

Allergy Testing

We offer both skin and blood testing to try and find that culprit that keeps your nose running all year long!

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